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Do Coyotes Eat Possums?

Do Coyotes Eat Possums?

By Mildred T Koerner on May 16, 2023

Have you ever wondered what happens when a coyote and a possum cross paths?

As an animal lover, it's natural to have questions about the interactions between different species.

And if you're someone who likes to understand nature on a deeper level, then this article is for you.

In particular, we'll be exploring whether or not coyotes eat possums.

This may seem like a simple question with an obvious answer, but there are actually many factors that come into play when predators and prey meet in the wild.

By understanding the dynamics of these encounters, we can gain insight into the complex relationships that exist within ecosystems - and maybe even become better stewards of our planet as a result.

So let's dive in and discover the truth about coyotes and possums!

Coyotes: The Ultimate Opportunistic Predators

With razor-sharp instincts and an insatiable appetite for hunting, coyotes have earned the title of 'ultimate opportunistic predators.'

They are known to prey on a wide range of animals, from small rodents to large deer.

But one question that often arises is whether these cunning creatures feast on possums.

The answer is yes. Coyotes do eat possums, among other things.

Their diet consists of both meat and vegetation, which allows them to adapt easily to different environments and seasons.

As skilled hunters, they possess the agility and speed required to catch their prey and make use of every opportunity presented to them.

The Diet Of Coyotes: A Wide Range Of Prey

Coyotes are opportunistic predators, meaning they will eat whatever prey is available to them.

This includes small mammals such as rabbits and rodents, as well as larger animals like deer and livestock.

It's not uncommon for coyotes to consume carrion or garbage in urban areas either.

However, one question that often comes up is whether coyotes eat possums.

The answer is yes, coyotes do eat possums. In fact, opossums are a common prey item for coyotes in both rural and urban environments.

While some people may think of opossums as 'playing dead' when threatened by other predators, this behavior doesn't work on the highly adaptable coyote.

As such, it's important for property owners to be aware of potential wildlife conflicts and seek out professional wildlife removal services if necessary.

Possums: Nocturnal Creatures Of North America

These small, furry animals are often misunderstood as pests due to their scavenging nature.

However, they play an important role in the ecosystem by eating insects and other small prey.

Possums have adapted well to living near humans, often using attics or crawl spaces for shelter during the day and venturing out at night.

Unfortunately, possums also fall prey to natural predators such as coyotes.

Coyote predation has been known to reduce possum populations in areas where these wild animals overlap.

While it may seem harsh, this relationship between predator and prey is a necessary part of maintaining balance in the ecosystem.

In the next section, we will explore further the intricacies of the relationship between coyotes and possums.

The Relationship Between Coyotes And Possums

As mentioned in the previous section, possums are nocturnal creatures of North America.

However, they are not immune to predation from other animals, including coyotes. Coyotes have been known to prey on and kill possums for food.

Coyotes are opportunistic predators that can eat a variety of prey items, including small mammals like possums.

While coyotes primarily hunt rodents and rabbits, they will also take advantage of any easy meal opportunity.

This includes scavenging carrion or preying on slower-moving animals like possums.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for coyotes to kill and eat possums if given the chance.

In the next section, we will explore the factors influencing the interactions between coyotes and possums.

Factors Influencing Coyote-Possum Interactions

Picture this: a shadowy figure lurking in the darkness. It moves stealthily, its eyes trained on its prey.

The predator is none other than the elusive coyote, known for its cunning and adaptability. Its a potential meal? The unsuspecting possum.

While many may assume that coyotes would gladly devour any critter they come across, their relationship with possums is more complicated than that.

Coyotes are opportunistic predators, meaning they will eat whatever food source is most readily available to them.

In urban areas where human development has caused fragmentation of natural habitats, both coyotes and possums have had to adjust their diets to survive.

Possums are not typically viewed by humans as desirable prey due to their low nutritional value and tendency to play dead when threatened (making them difficult to catch).

However, in times of scarcity or if easier targets are scarce, coyotes may turn to possums as a viable food option.

Additionally, studies have shown that coyotes tend to avoid areas with high concentrations of raccoons - another common urban scavenger - which could lead them towards preying on other small mammals such as possums instead.

These factors all contribute to the complex interactions between these two species in urban environments.


Well folks, we've come to the end of our discussion on whether or not coyotes eat possums. And what have we discovered?

Coyotes are ultimate opportunistic predators with a wide range of prey options.

But do they specifically target possums? It seems that while these nocturnal creatures of North America may occasionally find themselves in the jaws of a hungry coyote, it's not necessarily their go-to meal.

Oh, the irony!

Here we were all worried about poor little possums getting snatched up by coyotes left and right when in reality these clever critters have a whole host of other dangers to contend with.

So next time you see a coyote lurking around your backyard at night, don't fret too much for your furry marsupial friends - they just might be able to outsmart their would-be attackers after all.



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