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Portable Fitness Set With Resistance Band And Bar

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Product description


  • The exercise set is with an anti-breaking design making it safer and easier to use compared to other bands on the market. 

  • Forget paying for an expensive gym membership! Now you can get the SAME results right from your home living room. 

  • Home Gym can, without ever leaving your stepping foot in a gym, help you sculpt your dream body, whether you’re maintaining your exercise routine from your hotel, working your quads while on the beach, or getting a forearm workout on your favorite trail. 

    • How Does Portable Fitness Set With Resistance Band And Bar Help You Maintain Your Health Goals:  

  • 90% of the people quit their health goals in the first 3 months because dressing up, going to the gym and coming back seems too daunting of a task. 

  • This tool lets you target every single body part right from home, so you eliminate the most daunting part of the workout. 

  • Now you can workout any time from anywhere such as : 

  • At the office during lunch 

  • Work/ Leisure trip from your hotel room

  • From your studio apartment or your bungalow 

  • In between your meetings from your home office. 

  • Basically any time you please in any outfit you want.

  • In short words, this tool eliminates every excuse you can possibly think of that could get between you and your health goals.


  • Material: Natural Latex Tube, Nylon Composition, Nylon, Steel

  • Rod Length: 93.5cm

Care instructions

  • Store In A Cool, Dry Place.

  • Gently Wipe To Remove Dust. 

Package includes

  • A set of Portable Fitness Set With Resistance Bands And Bars in which the number of parts depends on the variant that you chose.

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